QotD: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Are you friendly with your neighbors? Why or why not?


I'm friendly with everybody! I'm a nice guy, some might say too nice. Actually, I'll say I'm too nice and in certain situations it sort of makes me a little angry at myself for being too nice because then I turn in to that guy who people can come to knowing I won't won't be a total jerk and turn you down for something no matter how absurd, angering, or rediculous the situation is. I'm working on that.

Need to create another persona and walk around acting like that guy.

…and get committed. 

Maybe not such a great idea. But it does sound like fun!

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3 Responses to QotD: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

  1. That guy is one of those topics that is of crucial momentousness, that takes experienced attendance on

  2. LOL…..and the question mark man weighed in as well 🙂 I am a lot like you were describing. I jokingly say that in my next life (I don't really think that I come back), that I want to be like Dr. House, rude, arrogant, and he doesn't care what people think. It sure would be freeing, wouldn't it!! Did you grow up in the South? I always blame being this way on growing up in the south where "manners" and "politeness" are of the utmost importance!

  3. Rel says:

    Nope, grew up mostly in Idaho!

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