Great day for sailing!


Am I right or am I right? 😉

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8 Responses to Great day for sailing!

  1. trailblazer1 says:

    What’s going on? I am getting some foul messages from postings supposedly on your site. I won’t copy and paste because they are disgusting. Have you been hacked, because they don’t show up here.

  2. trailblazer1 says:

    Cyber stalking . . . what a concept. See some bad stuff on Facebook from time to time. Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Freedom Smith says:

    So sorry about the stalker. What a drag! Glad you got the problem solved! We would expect no less from “spidey!”

    Yes, the water looks awesome for sailing. Do you sail? I learned to sail in camp when I was growing up but have had few opportunities to do so since then. Nothing like feeling the wind in your hair out on the water!

  4. Alicia says:

    No, no its not. XD ITS COLD!!! 😛

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