Awesome On Its Own: Best Of You

Awesome On It's Own makes fun music videos from fun songs. Well, just watch it and you'll know what I mean. 
Everybody in the video can be found at
I am also in this one, and when I recorded for this one this song did, and does still make a perfect song for the soundtrack of my last 6 months. 
I am in there, I don't have an actuall pic of me on this site so for those who don't know who I am, you'll have to guess 😛
And for the closing credits, I am SpiderWolve. That might help a little.

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6 Responses to Awesome On Its Own: Best Of You

  1. Great song. I have no idea, however, which one you are. Hints?

  2. Rel says:

    I appear for the first time at 1:05 exactly.

  3. Are you right side up or sideways?

  4. Rel says:

    Right side up. I'm the white guy with dark hair and looks like he needs to shave–with the white wall as a backdrop for that shot.

  5. Alicia says:

    I liked it. I like how you included the picture in the back ground. Did you put that on the TV behind you?

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