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I have a stalker person who has trolling my comment sections on my recent posts in an attempt to anger/aggravate me to arouse a response in kind out of me. Well, this person is an idiot. Has been an idiot … Continue reading

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Great day for sailing!

Am I right or am I right? 😉

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I have connectivity! Woo!

I’m still here, was without net there for a few days. Yikes. Gonna make this entry short on the typing and a little heavy on the images of some pics I took up here recently 🙂  

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Got a new Dog Today

Her name is Noe (pronounced Noah). She’s also a pure bred Alaskan Husky and a very pretty one at that. But don’t take my word for it, I’ll just put some pics up to show you! 😀

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Yikes, My Stats Have Flatlined!

Bah. Oh well, should have saw that coming, but didn’t it want it to! I peaked at over 40 views a day here but now, it’s like nearly 1 view…maybe zero. I’ll cry later. Maybe. Anyway. Back on the East … Continue reading

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Went to a city yesterday…

A the City of Rocks, that is. City of Rocks here in southern Idaho is a pretty spectacular place. What it is, is a huge clump of granite rock that has giant portions of it sticking out of the ground. … Continue reading

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Give a Man A Fish: He’ll Eat for A Day

Teach a man to fish: he’ll never go hungry! Went fishing with my dad today at Hasper, Idaho. It’s a pond where alot of fish are released from a hatchery. And yesterday they apparently released 3000 trout in to this … Continue reading

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Life Can be a Little Surreal Sometimes

I’ve been home for two weeks now and I’ve been looking around for people who I might know that are still living here and are working and whatnot and hadn’t really spotted anybody I know from memory until today. You … Continue reading

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I’m A Real Boy! I swear! And alot of other things…

I’m a gamer, writer, comic book reader/collector, father, and NAVY sailor. Continue reading

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