QotD: Dream Weaver

Do you remember your dreams or tend to forget them upon waking? Do you have any recurring dreams or nightmares? 

I typically don't remember my dreams. They tend to be shattered by the sound of my alarm going off over and over in the morning. I do know that I've had dramatic dreams with an antagonist who's about to unviel the dreadful weapon or shocking revelation of the dream and just as he/she finishes intro'ing what they are about to do, my alarm goes off and the dream and the bad guy seemingly wins. 

So it's very infrequent that I remember my dreams, unless they are very vivid and shocking/interesting enough for my brain to dwell on the dream afterwards for days on end…

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5 Responses to QotD: Dream Weaver

  1. Yeah i remember my dreams… Oh no, wait as a matter a fact i don't.

  2. Wait….unveiling the dreadful weapon is not shocking/interesting enough for you to remember. What, pray tell, would be? lol

  3. Rel says:

    lol…the problem is it seems the alarm clock is the dreaded device. Timed perfectly. The events and situation before all that I can never remember because of the alarm..lol.

  4. Darn! I would have to set it later one day just to find out the ending to the dream!!

  5. Alicia says:

    I usually remember my dreams, but lately I haven't had enough REM.

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