A Man’s Gotta Do, What A Man’s Gotta Do!

For those who don’t know that’s a reference to a song on Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog! (Starring Niel Patrick Harris, Nathon Fillion, and Felicia Day if you haven’t seen this short movie/musical you should change that. Now. Because it’s worth it. Anyway.)

I bring this up because I once again participated in an Awesome On It’s Own Video featuring the song referenced in this entries title, ‘A Mans Gotta Do’.

Also went to my first pro soccer match today, was alot of fun. Will put pics up of that tomorrow. 🙂

Anyway, enjoy the video!

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Got a new Dog Today

Her name is Noe (pronounced Noah). She’s also a pure bred Alaskan Husky and a very pretty one at that.

But don’t take my word for it, I’ll just put some pics up to show you!


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Yikes, My Stats Have Flatlined!

Bah. Oh well, should have saw that coming, but didn’t it want it to! I peaked at over 40 views a day here but now, it’s like nearly 1 view…maybe zero. I’ll cry later. Maybe.

Anyway. Back on the East Coast, living in Annapolis now in a very empty apartment since my furniture hasn’t shown up yet. But that will change tomorrow, since it’s all coming here tomorrow! Woo! No more sleeping on the floor! The carpet in here, while soft, is not nearly as comfortable as it looks. I think I’ll take pics of the apartment later and post it here on the blog for y’all to see. There’s alot of room here and I’m going to need to put it to use. Also looking for a dog to keep me and my daughter company here. So far I’ve spotted several I’d like online but they’re no good to me online, you know?

Some pics of the area (mostly Baltimore, but atleast one from here) :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyway. November is almost here. It won’t be long until it’s only a month away!

What’s so important about November you ask. Well, besides Thanksgiving, National Novel Writers Month is November! That’s what is so important! What is NaNoWriMo? Well, that’s obviously an acronym for National Novel Writers Month but other then the obvious it’s a month of pure writing bliss. Or hell, depending on your levels of writers block you might encounter on the way to the finish line; a finish line of 50,000 words typed by the time November turns in to December.

That’s right, I said 50,000 words typed.

Well they can be written too, but that’s a little tougher. And that also hurts my writing hand.

Anyway, it’s not as bad or as daunting as it sounds, 1600 words a day everyday for 30 days is easy if you just put your mind to it and don’t procrastinate. Now catching up can be a challenge if you get sidetracked by life and stuff, but it’s worth it. I’ve done it two years in a row and loved every bit of it—last years being much more difficult and painful for me, but NaNo helped with that and it’s another story all together.

I have two novels, albiet mostly unfinished, out of the deal. And maybe two book out of the one I had originally in mind last year! Just needs some editting and redoing which is a project for another time…don’t ask me when that will be though.

And for most of you bloggers out there, 1600 words a day is cakewalk. Seriously, you guys do it everyday alot of the time, and shouldn’t be difficult to do it for a novel.

Don’t think you can still?

I dare you to try! 😀

Good chance alot of my upcoming blogs will be about writing and NaNoWriMo, just a for-warning so you don’t feel blindsided by that.. 😛

(www.nanowrimo.org btw)

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Went to a city yesterday…

A the City of Rocks, that is.

City of Rocks here in southern Idaho is a pretty spectacular place. What it is, is a huge clump of granite rock that has giant portions of it sticking out of the ground. These giant portions have been eroded by weather over time to bring us what you see in the above image (and featured imaged too). Did I say the place is spectacular? Oh yeah, I did.

Me and my best friend Hyatt (as seen by a glimpse in the top Panoramic shot) set out to hike and find a bug rock that we could safely (within reason of course, it’s no fun if you make it too easy) climb. We had not climbing gear so we set out to do it the old fashioned way: with just our hands and feet! So we spotted a big rock that we wanted to climb and made our way to it, looking for the best place to scale without immediately tumbling to the ground 😛

After a couple no-go attempts….

…we found a route up the stubborn rock! Hyatt is in the following pics while I am nowhere to be seen. Somebody has to take the pics, yes? 😉

almost there....


The guy (me) with the camera finally catches up.

Looking down and only halfway up!

And after a little bit longer we finally made it to the top!

The view on the other side.

Looking down at Hyatt near the top. Good show of scale here.

View from the top!

And of course we had to get down! So documented the journey via video 🙂 All in all it was a fun day!

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Give a Man A Fish: He’ll Eat for A Day

Teach a man to fish: he’ll never go hungry!

Went fishing with my dad today at Hasper, Idaho. It’s a pond where alot of fish are released from a hatchery. And yesterday they apparently released 3000 trout in to this pond for an end of year thing and being a Wensday there was nobody there and this pond was full of fish. And they were hungry!

And I took pics!

And of course I’m not in any of these pics, being the photographer of course… 😛

The limit per person at this pond is 6 fish. We caught around 50-60 fish. We kept 13 (because we caught one that swallowed the hook…). My dad was catching fish on his hook without any bait and just with a lure. Everytime his and my line hit the water a fish would hit the hook. Best fishing ever.  😀

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Life Can be a Little Surreal Sometimes

Helo vs Bi plane!

Yes, this really happened!

I’ve been home for two weeks now and I’ve been looking around for people who I might know that are still living here and are working and whatnot and hadn’t really spotted anybody I know from memory until today. You see my home town is small compared to most towns in this great ol’ U.S. of A. It boasts (according to the last census count of 2000, which I’m sure is bigger by now) a population of 10,000 for my town. The surrounding smaller towns like Paul, Heyburn, Declo, Rupert and Oakley are substantially smaller. Yes, smaller then 10,000 people if you’ll beleive it. Back east you can get 10,000 people within 5 to 6 city  blocks within most cities.

But not here! You see, the main place where all the shopping for things here is, of course, Wal-Mart and you would expect to run in to atleast some people I know there within the last week and a half that I’ve been here, but nope.

Today, however, I ran in to my aunt, a friend from high school named Alex who just happens to be working at Wal Mart, another friend named Elijah who is going in to the National Guard next year and a scattering of other familiar faces that popped up here and there. Most of which are working at Wal Mart. Go figure.

Why was I at Wal Mart you ask.

Well, I didn’t go there looking for people, despite how I opened this blog. I went there for a camera (which I still haven’t got—I want one that doesn’t run off of double A’s and has it’s own lithium battery), a mouse for my laptop to play Star Craft 2 so I don’t have to steal my dads, and a fishing license so i can legally go fishing with my dad tomorrow 🙂

Upon going to purchase my fishing license and mouse the man at the counter was an elderly man who noticed I that I am military. Upon noticing he told me that he had been in the Air Force once upon a time, working as a postal clerk in France around the time that the French decided to kick our military units out of their country and that in fact he was an E-3 doing a Staff Sergeants job when it came to closing up shop and was one of the last people to leave the base (don’t know which one) as they closed the base up and moved to Germany.  The surreal part of this was that I had just listened to an elderly man recount a piece of history that most people these days have no idea about and it was slightly humbling. It also seems that I run in to old Vets left and right; like my Uncle David’s dad being a former Navy Boatswains Mate (or deck seaman) during the Korean war and recounting what went on with the ship he served, a ship whose name I forget but remember it was a troop transport.

As for the picture I put in to this blog entry, you can find the story here. 🙂

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Lets talk Cinema!

Or more to the point, lets talk about the recent onslaught of 3D movies in our cinemas. As many of you may have noticed in the last couple of years the movie theaters seem to be getting more and more 3D showings for movies that really don’t require it. Sure, there are those rare movies that are actually meant to be watched in 3D (Avatar, so I’ve heard, but not seen in 3D and How To Train Your Dragon) but alot of these movies (and lets not talk about Clash of the Titans port over to 3D–ick) don’t need to be in 3D and really were never meant to be shown in a 3D medium.

While the premise and promise of 3D in our movies—and now turning up on our TV’s as well—is nice and interesting the reality is that it’s unnecessary for the majority of the things we view in our daily lives; and the whole premise of 3D TV? Ridiculous. I just got my eyes fixes so I can see things like my shows without using glasses why would I feel it necessary to have to wear special glasses to watch normal TV?

And honestly? 3D isn’t really 3D. It’s the illusion of 3D. Your eyes already convert a 2d image in to a 3d image as it is! Now I wouldn’t be so critical of this emerging 3D craze if it were actually…3D. Like holographice 3d where the action is happening in isles of the seating in the theater, where the screen only provides the first backdrop of the story. A holodeck system like from Star Trek? Yeah, I’d pay money for that. But not the extra moneys they keep trying to get out of our wallets to watch a movie in 3d that is just as good in 2d.

In case your wondering where this discussion/rant came from, I saw Despicable Me in 3D the other night and it was my second time seeing it but my first in 3D.  And while some things worked for 3D, like the ending credits scene, the rest didn’t really jump out at me as a real 3D experience that you’d expect for forking over the extra cash to watch the same movie in 3d that you could easily watch in 2D for a better ticket deal.

It’s just another one of Hollywood’s gimmicks that is affecting my pocket book and attitude towards the major film indudstry…

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I’m A Real Boy! I swear! And alot of other things…


Whatcha lookin at?

It’s come to my attention from some-person-who-is-related-to-me-howls-of-laughter-this-morning that I’m a bit of enigma on here, and may be a little creepy looking at me from the outside in from what I’ve posted here so far. So I’m putting up a pic of me in this post so that you can see, that yes, I am a real boy.

Ok, maybe that pic doesn’t help the creepiness aspect of things. I took that last night when setting up my webcam for an EVP session with my youngest sister late last night. That same sister was laughing at an e-mail she got from one our friends that came over here with us from Vox.

Ok, actually we followed her as opposed to her coming over here with us. But I digress.

So, I’ll give a brief (as possible) description as to who I am, what I do, and what I’m doing now. Other then typing this blog entry, but that’s a given I’d suspect.

My (real) name, my fist name, is Ben. I was known as Rel on Vox, and was an infrequent poster there with most my of my entries being me answering the Question of the Day over there. I’m 25 years young, and will be 26 years old in October and have a 5 year old daughter that has been residing in Idaho with her grandparents for the last six or seven months now. I am there now to retrieve her to take her back home east. Everything else involving that side of things is another story for another time.

I work for the Navy for the next three years (check the flicker stream on the right) and have been all around the world within the last five years and don’t plan on being in past these last 3 years.

And yet, I am a Gamer (as is evident of a previous post), a writer, and a collector of comic books. Yes, I read them as well as collect them.I love the art and the stories they deliver. I also read traditional paperback/hardbacks quite a lot as well.

So apologies for any confusion/creepiness that some of you may have come across here 😛


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Have you Forgotten?

Because I know there’s alot of posts about it out there I’ll just leave this video here.

Never forget.

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Let’s Face It: I’m a Gamer

Game winning climax

That’s right, I’m a gamer who happens to be writing a blog.  That may sound odd to you, but don’t worry the strange look on your face will soon vanish when I explain to you that I’m also a writer and that they are both my big hobbies.

Well, those and collecting comic books, but that’s another subject for another time….

Sorry, almost got sidetracked. Easy to sidetrack me if we start talking about things I like; like Comic Books! (can’t be helped, I love reading them)

Once again,  moving on.

I’ve been an avid gamer since I was about 16 years old. Maybe younger, but I can’t remember. Anyway, my first remembered foray in to the gaming world was with Star Craft, which was released before the year 2000 (1998 I believe, maybe 97). And when I say ‘foray’ I mean, I was sucked in hook line and sinker. It was a great game, still is, and proceeded to take alot of my time away  by playing match after match until I atleast racked up 600 games worth. Half mostly being wins and half being losses with some ties/dropped connections or what have you.

While I stopped playing the game with such ferocity for some reason I can’t remember (likely got busy or distracted by other games. Or girls. OR both.) I still always came back to play it because of it’s uniqueness and great balance of play with the three races: Terran (human), Zerg, and Protoss. In fact I’ve bought atleast 5 new copies of the game as time went on because I kept misplacing the copies I had before due to moving or some weird occurance. It was one of the games I couldn’t leave and loved to play because I had developed some marginal skill at being decent at it.

Decent for an American mind you, I have nothing on those Koreans! 😛

The only other game that has kept my attention has been #mce_temp_url# and that’s a browser based game for a later possible discussion.

While I loved the original Star Craft I never really went back to playing it full time because Blizzard had seemed to lose interest in adding to the universe of the game I loved so much with their seemingly continous addditions to Warcraft and then their World of War Craft MMO…and not to mention Diablo I and II  it soon became apparent that us Star Craft fans were being ignored.

Then word of Star Craft II hit the airwaves (or webesphere) and all any of us could muster to say in our elated shock was: Hell, it’s about time. Actually, even Blizzard said it through their announcement trailer. (Look up Star Craft II announcement trailer on YouTube).

And then we waited for an excruciating amount of time for the game to be released. I know we waited for 12 years for this sequal, what’s a little longer right? Well it’s worse when the game has officially been announced. Because before we were operating off of the statement of ‘soon’ as if it was actually any indication as to whenever that was going to be (it was almost in the chest with Duke Nukem: Forever which will probably never come out, not like I care).

And I was pretty confident that they would actually release this game unlike Ghost which never saw the light of day because had Blizzard decided to go back on their announcement for SC II being released I think we’d have to be worried about the country of South Korea invading just to insure that the game was finished.

And wouldn’t that have been weird?

Anyway, the game finally came out and guess what? While I did buy the thing, I had to wait to really play it! I had to go out to sea for a month and it wasn’t very conducive to playing Star Craft 2!

And now that I have some time off I’ve been playing this game and astonished how difficult it is but yet still fun; they didn’t fix anything from the last game they just added more balance and allowed for better offensive/improve defensive play (namely for the poor Terrans).

It’s taken some getting used to–and I definately need a new computer to handle the better spec requirements for this game but it works for now! Feel free to donate moneys to the cause of me getting a better machine 😛

So…in conclusion…if you haven’t played this game, play it! It’s pretty fun, and may inspire you to write some decent fan fiction about the game. I know the first game did for me! Alas…that story was eaten by an internet worm.

I hope it was tasty.

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