Give a Man A Fish: He’ll Eat for A Day

Teach a man to fish: he’ll never go hungry!

Went fishing with my dad today at Hasper, Idaho. It’s a pond where alot of fish are released from a hatchery. And yesterday they apparently released 3000 trout in to this pond for an end of year thing and being a Wensday there was nobody there and this pond was full of fish. And they were hungry!

And I took pics!

And of course I’m not in any of these pics, being the photographer of course… 😛

The limit per person at this pond is 6 fish. We caught around 50-60 fish. We kept 13 (because we caught one that swallowed the hook…). My dad was catching fish on his hook without any bait and just with a lure. Everytime his and my line hit the water a fish would hit the hook. Best fishing ever.  😀

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4 Responses to Give a Man A Fish: He’ll Eat for A Day

  1. geologywoman says:

    The horses are beautiful. My son trout fishes. He also spells Wednesday like you do. : )

  2. Freedom Smith says:

    That sounds like a fisherman’s dream come true!!! My son and daughter fish. They catch catfish and um….some other freshwater fish. They know how to clean them, and cook them. It does not faze my kids at all to see all that stuff. We used to have a backyard full of neighborhood kids, and ours, waiting for my son to cut open the fish so they could see what was in it’s stomach. LOL!! Not squeamish, my kids! 😮

    I wish I knew how to show you old Vox posts where you can see them holding up the fish and all. I don’t see a “share” button on wordpress because there is no inbox, I suppose. So there is not way, is there?

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