Lets talk Cinema!

Or more to the point, lets talk about the recent onslaught of 3D movies in our cinemas. As many of you may have noticed in the last couple of years the movie theaters seem to be getting more and more 3D showings for movies that really don’t require it. Sure, there are those rare movies that are actually meant to be watched in 3D (Avatar, so I’ve heard, but not seen in 3D and How To Train Your Dragon) but alot of these movies (and lets not talk about Clash of the Titans port over to 3D–ick) don’t need to be in 3D and really were never meant to be shown in a 3D medium.

While the premise and promise of 3D in our movies—and now turning up on our TV’s as well—is nice and interesting the reality is that it’s unnecessary for the majority of the things we view in our daily lives; and the whole premise of 3D TV? Ridiculous. I just got my eyes fixes so I can see things like my shows without using glasses why would I feel it necessary to have to wear special glasses to watch normal TV?

And honestly? 3D isn’t really 3D. It’s the illusion of 3D. Your eyes already convert a 2d image in to a 3d image as it is! Now I wouldn’t be so critical of this emerging 3D craze if it were actually…3D. Like holographice 3d where the action is happening in isles of the seating in the theater, where the screen only provides the first backdrop of the story. A holodeck system like from Star Trek? Yeah, I’d pay money for that. But not the extra moneys they keep trying to get out of our wallets to watch a movie in 3d that is just as good in 2d.

In case your wondering where this discussion/rant came from, I saw Despicable Me in 3D the other night and it was my second time seeing it but my first in 3D.  And while some things worked for 3D, like the ending credits scene, the rest didn’t really jump out at me as a real 3D experience that you’d expect for forking over the extra cash to watch the same movie in 3d that you could easily watch in 2D for a better ticket deal.

It’s just another one of Hollywood’s gimmicks that is affecting my pocket book and attitude towards the major film indudstry…

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2 Responses to Lets talk Cinema!

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    Can you explain what you mean about our eyes already turning 2D into 3D? I did not know that. I think it is very silly to watch things in 3D at home. Like you mentioned, I don’t want more glasses to wear than I already have. 8)

    Aside from 3D, what did you think of Despicable Me? I have heard it is worth seeing but I usually see things once they are on DVD (to save money). You must have enjoyed it if you saw it twice.

    You mentioned reading novels. Do you stick with sci-fi or do you read other genres?

    • spiderwolve says:

      When your eyes look at an object in front you, they view it as a 2d object until signal reaches the brain and converts it a 3d for you. It’s the same principle for movies. All 3D does is try to trick your eyes in to thinking things are off the screen when they’re not.

      Despicable me was very good, cute, and funny both time. I highly recommend seeing it 🙂

      I read Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Every now and then I will read detective books, action adventure like Clive Cusslers stuff, and military drama like Tom Clancy’s older stuff (ie. The Hunt For Red October and Red Storm Rising). 🙂

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