QotD: Signature Style

How would you describe your personal style? Is there a celebrity whose style you admire and/or emulate? How do you update your wardrobe without breaking your budget?
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Wardrobe? I don't really emulate anybody, I guess my personal style would be 'loose' and 'care free'. Meaning I throw on a t-shirt and grab some shorts…or jeans if it's chilly outside and go. Shorts tend to be a little problematic being that most…well all at this point…of my shorts have no pockets. Meaning I have to carry my wallet and keys and cell phone…and sometimes my ipod…by hand. Or in a backpack or bag of sorts but that's fine, doesn't bother me. Simple I know, but I'm in the US Navy and the rest of my clothing is uniforms so I don't like to make my civy wardrobe too complicated.

The down side of that though, is that I really don't have alot of nice cloths to wear, so I'm a bit of a bum when it comes to that. Maybe someday I'll change that.

What? I figured I could answer this Question of The Day, and I don't think I'm that interesting at this point. Although I'm still considering posting my Nano from the year before lasts, and lasts too eventually. Maybe.



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7 Responses to QotD: Signature Style

  1. I am chuckling because you answered that question so quickly and concisely. You must have fallen over or run screaming in the other direction when you saw my very long and detailed answer, along with my embedded links. LOL!! I am sure you are most interested in the purple eyeliner and nail polish. Ah, so funny, the difference in men and women :-)))

  2. Rel says:

    LOL, it just shows you were much more prepared for the question then I was. You have pitchures, and I only words. It's almost like giving a presentation in the office, except I didn't bring the presentation 😛

  3. Well, I love photography, hence the pictures. And, someone explained how to embed things when I came to Vox, so I learned how to do that. I thought you did a fine job explaining. My father was in the Navy in WWII. He was the radio man. He was on one of the ships that dropped men on the shore of Normandy. He has a wonderful video about his time in the war! What do you do in the Navy?

  4. Rel says:

    Heh, I'm an Electronics Technician, I work hand in hand with the IT's, formerly known as Radiomen 😉

  5. Cool!! I wish I had a way to beam you the video on my father. It was done by the history channel as they complied stories of vets from WWII and they did a great job. Anyway, that is neat that you work with the IT's. I will tell my father. I will definitely try to scan a picture to show you of him in his uniform. Handsome fellow and he looks so very young! That was back when they started sending the service men to college upon their return and that is how my father was able to attend NC State University in North Carolina and he then worked in sale and management in the dye stuffs industry (dye for carpet, etc) for his entire career, a a company called Ciba-Geigy. Back then, people stayed at companies for an entire career. Kind of unheard of today!

  6. Rel says:

    Cool. Yeah, thats where the G.I. Bill originates from. Hard to stick that long with companies these days when they're constantly on the change and being affected by economic change 😛

  7. Alicia says:

    That seems to describe you. XD

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