I have to be up early tomorrow…

…but it's a saturday! Right?

Right, but the ship is getting reading for a run through of an inspection that's going to happen in a month or so. So to go with this saturday being taken we have some stupidly long days. And stupid amounts of 'sweepers'. Sweepers being a time during the day when we do alot of cleaning in small, long passageway crammed with about 12 people sweeping/cleaning an area. Or trying to look busy anyway. We have an hour of doing that in the morning…then another half an hour before we go home. Ridiculous amount of cleaning.
Oh well, I'll be able to sleep in Sunday before go underway on Monday for a couple days. 
Other than that I've been doing alot of running this week, only have missed one day because I stood duty and had to stand a watch at an inconvenient time. It's rather surprising how easy it was for me to slip back in to runnning since I really haven't ran any good distance in…a year? Yeah, since the last time I ran a PFA of which I ran a 12 minute mile and a half…which is slow for me. Today I ran two miles in just under 17 minutes and I probably could have kept running, 
The only thing I need to worry about now is my pushups and sit ups. Mostly my push ups. But I like running so I'll keep to mostly running…
anyway..it's about bed time.
So I'll post this now (my sister keeps complaining that I don't post enough, geeze)

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